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Kay Ridge Social Media was created from a passion of bringing people and information together in a collaborative way.

Social Media isn’t just setting up a Facebook page and posting occasionally or spending a fortune on misplaced ads.  It takes time to implement a social media strategy, determine your target audience and the right social media channels for your products or services.

Social Media is one of the most important business tools your business can have and used correctly has the power to reach out to your target Audience, in other words your potential customers.

We want to know about you, our Client, what is your business, who are your competitors, who is your ideal customer and how do we get your business in front of your potential clients.  Does your business have a social media footprint?

To provide our Customers with the best service possible we need to know if you have a business plan, business objectives and a marketing strategy.  Does your marketing strategy align with your business plan, vision and mission statement?

Too much to deal with?  Let’s have a chat!